The Buddy System

Bring a buddy and you both earn good money for doing the right thing. 

As a BPL Plasma donor, you are helping to create high-quality, lifesaving therapies for patients all over the world. Now you can earn even more cash when you donate by bringing a buddy who is a new donor. Bring in a friend (or 3!) and this coupon to earn an additional $15 on your next donation! The more friends you refer, the more cash bonuses you earn. All they need to do is donate plasma at least twice for you to earn that bonus.

Our friendly staff at BPL Plasma will help your friends through their first-time plasma donation. New donors should learn more about what to expect and how to prepare for their donation.

Donating plasma is a win/win for everyone – you both earn more money and help make the world a better place!  So, bring your friend and the coupon below, to your nearby BPL Plasma center.

Buddy referal coupon image.