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Current Donors

Donation by Donation:
Doing Good, Saving Lives

What does BPL love even more than helping save lives?
Our donors! Because you make all of this possible.

Additionally, repeat donors really make the difference in keeping the plasma supply at high enough levels to meet treatment manufacturing goals. So every donation is precious, and every visit you make is greatly appreciated. And because you share your time with us, it only makes sense you get rewarded.

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Great Pay for Doing a Good Thing

We are happy to compensate our returning donors, and it’s definitely a win-win. Active donors are eligible for monthly promotions and referral fees, in addition to base donation fees. Donating plasma then becomes an easy way to help pad your nest egg, save up for a rainy day, or splurge on that special treat you’ve been eyeing.

The money our donors make puts millions of dollars into their local communities, too. We’re very proud of that because it means we’re also helping improve where our donors live while helping patients at the same time. Contact your local center to learn more.


The body replaces the plasma removed during the donation process quickly; therefore, healthy individuals can donate as often as twice in a seven-day period, with at least one day between donations.

Feel free to call the BPL Center nearest you any time you have a question about current promotions.

That’s great you shared with another person how important plasma donation is! Contact the BPL Center nearest you to see how to proceed to make sure to get your referral bonus. And thanks so much for helping grow our community.

*Check with local center for details. Actual amounts can vary.

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