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Side effects when donating plasma

What are the side effects when donating plasma?

January 29, 2020

This is one of the most common questions we get at BPL Plasma, and the short answer is not many. Donating plasma is a low-risk procedure with few or no side effects.  Because each donor undergoes a physical exam and medical history survey before entering our program AND vitals are taken before every donation, we make sure you’re fit to donate!

Occasionally, a donor may feel light-headed during or after donating plasma. Usually, this can be prevented by ensuring you drink plenty of water and eating a healthy meal before and after donating your plasma. One simple way to combat the light-headedness is by eating a healthy meal prior to donating. As with any time needles are involved, some donors might experience minor bruising (although this is uncommon). Plus, we recently re-trained all of our phlebotomists (those amazing employees who take your blood) and match every donor with just the right phlebotomist for their vein type.  This should make donating even easier than before!

Some donors wonder if they’re at risk for disease during the donation process. Absolutely not! For each and every donation, a new, sealed, sterile, one-time-use package is used to collect your plasma.  The needle placement site is sterilized. Your blood never leaves the closed system during the process.

Safe, easy, and life-changing for patients around the world who need your plasma. What are you waiting for? Head into your nearest BPL Plasma center and donate today!