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Specialty Collection Program

Anti-Anthrax Specialty Program

Anti-Anthrax Program

If you have previously been vaccinated against anthrax, your plasma donation could help to produce an anthrax immune globulin, an antibody-based medication used to treat people fighting an anthrax infection. 

Call 855-275-2158, from 9:00am - 4:00 pm CST, to learn more about participation in this specialty program.

Anti-Hepatitis B - Eligibility


  • Must have previously received 2 or more anthrax vaccinations
  • New donor, or an existing donor in good standing
  • Able to commit to 6 or more weeks of plasma donations

Anti-Hepatitis B - Do More, Earn More!

Do More,
Earn More!

Earn up to $225 for your anthrax booster immunizations, then $100 every time you donate, PLUS bonuses on your 1st & 8th donations! That is $1,125 in 6 weeks!

Program Overview

If you’ve been previously vaccinated against anthrax and are interested in joining the program, below is the donation process.

  1. Qualification
    Speak with a center team member who will confirm your vaccination history and eligibility.
  2. Become a Plasma Donor
    If you are not already a plasma donor, you will need to complete the standard new donor process to become a plasma donor:  consent, health assessment, pre-donation screening, and your first plasma donation.
  3. Vaccination
    If eligible, you can receive an anthrax booster injection following your first plasma donation (on the same visit).  You will receive the donation fee for your visit, as well as an anthrax injection bonus of $100.
  4. Rest Period
    No plasma donations are allowed for 2 weeks following the vaccination. 
  5. Plasma Donation
    Between 14-42 days post-vaccination, you can donate as an anthrax plasma donor eight times. Donors with high antibody levels may qualify for additional collections.

How Does My Donation Help?

The antibodies in your plasma can be used to produce an immune globulin which helps to protect those who have potentially been exposed to anthrax.

How Does My Donation Help?How Does My Donation Help?

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