Anti-Hepatitis B - Specialty Collection Program

Anti-Hepatitis B

Specialty Collection Program

Anti-Hepatitis B - Specialty Collection Program

Anti-Hepatitis B Program

Hepatitis B is a serious and deadly virus that can infect people of all ages. Approximately two billion people have been infected with Hepatitis B worldwide – that’s 1 in 3 people. 

Plasma collected from qualified donors is used to create Hepatitis B Immune Globulin (HBIG), a treatment that is very effective in preventing an exposed person from contracting Hepatitis B. The donations are primarily used by first responders and front-line workers who experience incidental exposure to blood or bodily fluids (needle sticks, bites, scratches, etc.).

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Anti-Hepatitis B - Eligibility


  • Vaccinated for Hepatitis B1
  • Donated plasma 4+ times
  • Donor in good standing
  • Able to commit long-term2

1. Most people born after 1980 have been vaccinated
(a series of 3 injections given over a 6-month period).

2. Center medical supervisor can help determine length of participation.

Anti-Hepatitis B - Do More, Earn More!

Do More,
Earn More!

Earn an extra $20 every time you donate!
That could be an extra $200 per month,
on top of base fees, referral fees
and national promotional bonuses!!

Program Overview

If you’ve been vaccinated and are interested in joining the program, below is the donation process.

  1. Qualification
    Speak with a center team member
  2. Screening
    If approved for the program, a center Medical Specialist will schedule a screening test for Hepatitis B antibodies.
  3. Plasma Donation
    Donate plasma as normal.
  4. Vaccination
    After donating, you’ll receive a booster vaccination. You’ll also receive a $25 bonus for the immunization. There is a 7-day hold before you can donate again.
  5. Plasma Donation
    Donate plasma as normal, and you will receive $20 extra on every donation you make while enrolled in the program!

How Does My Donation Help?

The antibodies in your plasma can be used to produce an immune globulin which helps to protect those who have potentially been exposed to hepatitis B.

How Does My Donation Help?How Does My Donation Help?

Specialty Collection Programs

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