Anti-Influenza Specialty Collection Program


Specialty Collection Program

Anti-Influenza Specialty Collection Program

Anti-Influenza Program

Influenza is a common viral infection that can be fatal, especially for high-risk groups including young children, older adults, pregnant women, people with chronic diseases, or those with a weakened immune system. We collect plasma from donors who recently received a flu shot, recovered from flu-like symptoms, or were exposed to someone with the flu to create an immune globulin that treats these groups.

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Anti-Hepatitis B - Eligibility


Donors must meet all requirements for plasma donation, along with one of the following in the last 14-90 days:

  • Received a flu shot
  • Recovered from the flu virus
  • Exposed to someone with the flu

Anti-Hepatitis B - Do More, Earn More!

Do More,
Earn More!

Earn an extra +$20 per donation
every time you donate! That could
be an extra $200 per month, on top
of base fees, referral fees and national
promotional bonuses!

Program Overview

If you meet the requirements and are interested in joining the program, below is the donation process.

  1. Qualification
    Speak with a center team member to confirm program requirements.
  2. Screening
    We will take a sample to test for Influenza A antibodies.
  3. Plasma Donation
    If you are added to the program, donate plasma as normal and earn a $20 bonus!

How Does My Donation Help?

The antibodies in your plasma are used to produce an immune globulin needed to treat those battling influenza.

How Does My Donation Help? How Does My Donation Help?

Specialty Collection Programs

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