Anti-Smallpox Specialty Collection Program


Specialty Collection Program

Anti-Smallpox Specialty Collection Program

Anti-Smallpox Program

Although the World Health Organization declared Smallpox disease eradicated in 1980, the potential threat of the virus still exists. The risk of death after contracting the disease was 30%, and those who survived were often left with significant scarring of the skin, and even blindness.

Our program helps ensure a treatment is available as part of the US Government’s Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) if this threat is realized. We are looking for donors previously vaccinated for Smallpox to join this program.  Plasma from participating donors is used to produce an immune globulin needed to treat people who experience an adverse reaction to the vaccine.

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Anti-Hepatitis B - Eligibility


Donors must meet all requirements for plasma donation, along with a previous vaccination for Smallpox.  You may have been previously vaccinated if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • Born prior to 1973
  • Born outside of the United States
  • History of military service

Anti-Hepatitis B - Do More, Earn More!

Do More,
Earn More!

$1,500 in 4 weeks through 7 visits
1 screening, 1 vaccination,
1 post-vaccination, 4 donations
($215 per visit)

$100 referral bonus
(paid after referred donor is vaccinated)

Program Overview

If you meet the requirements and are interested in joining the program, below is the donation process.

  1. Qualification
    Speak with a center team member and fill out a prescreening questionnaire confirming vaccination history.
  2. Screening
    If approved for the program, a center Medical Specialist will schedule a screening. The screening will take around one hour and include: Consent form, medical history, health assessment, blood sample, and EKG (if required for donors 50+ years old or with certain risk factors).
  3. Vaccination
    Once we receive the test results, we’ll contact you for a vaccination appointment. The vaccination will take around one hour and include a health assessment to confirm no changes to your previous visit.
  4. Site Check
    One week after the booster vaccination, we’ll confirm the vaccination has been effective and there are no adverse results.  There is no donation during this visit so you should be in and out quickly.
  5. Plasma Donation
    Between 10-25 days post-vaccination, you can donate plasma four times. Donors with high antibody levels may qualify for additional collections.

How Does My Donation Help?

The antibodies in your plasma are used to produce an immune globulin needed to treat people who experience an adverse reaction to the vaccine.

How Does My Donation Help?How Does My Donation Help?

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