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Why Donate


Why Donating Plasma Matters

Plasma, which is a component of human blood, is an essential ingredient in treatments for many conditions, from serious burns and trauma to immune deficiency to bleeding disorders. By donating plasma, donors are offering a lifeline to someone in need. Whether it’s a wounded veteran who served our country overseas, an expectant mother anxiously awaiting her new arrival, or a young child trying to live a healthy and normal life, your donation makes a huge difference.

Many people don’t realize that it takes a large number of plasma donations to meet the needs of a single patient. Consistent donation is critical to maintaining an adequate supply of plasma — that’s why we view regular donors as big heroes. And we believe if you do good, you should be rewarded, so our donors are compensated for their time and efforts.


Donating Is Safe and Easy

Plasma, which is the liquid component of blood, represents about half of total blood volume. Plasma itself is around 90% water; the other 10% includes proteins, minerals, waste products, clotting factors, hormones, and immunoglobins.

Donating plasma is a lot like giving blood, but unlike whole blood donation, plasma donations can be done twice a week. During the donation process, plasma is separated from blood cells which are returned to the body.

BPL team members are trained and certified to ensure that the donation process goes smoothly and that all plasma is collected in accordance with rigorous regulatory standards.

Our donors can be certain that each life-saving donation made is done in a safe manner using a highly regulated process.


The Plasma Journey:
From Donor to Patient

The power of a plasma donation is where this amazing journey begins with each visit to any one of our BPL Plasma donation centers. It ends with the creation of life-saving, plasma-based therapies that help patients all over the globe.

At BPL, we are honored to shepherd each donation from start to finish. Watch to discover the plasma journey from donor to patient.

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